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Welcome To DecorateOne

Imagine it. Stitch it!

With nearly thirty years of history, our embroidery journey started in Boca Raton, Florida, aiming to infuse artistry into fabric. Now a thriving embroidery and printing company, we’ve made a lasting impact locally and nationwide, serving clients from California to New York and everywhere in between. Our craft revolves around transforming threads into personalized embroidered expressions, whether it’s a single shirt or a cohesive team design. Let us be the creative thread weaving your unique story onto our crafted fabric.

Follow these 3 easy steps: Select a product, upload logo, and checkout – we digitize in 3-5 days, get your approval, embroider, and ship. Decorate One has NO minimums!

We Embroider All Brands You

Know And Love

We decorate apparel for top brands like Nike, The North Face, New Era, Champion, Carhartt, and more, offering a range of clothing suitable for any occasion or personalized gifts. Our easy ordering process ensures quick turnaround, perfect for busy professionals. Start your decoration journey today by clicking on any of the leading brands on our website.

Listen To What Our Embroidery

Customers Have To Say

As a local business owner in Boca Raton, Florida I decided to enhance my brand's image with Decorate One's embroidery services. The entire experience was seamless, from selecting a product, uploading my logo, to receiving the final product. The attention to detail and personalized touch truly elevated our company's apparel. I highly recommend Decorate One for any business looking to make a lasting impression through quality embroidery.
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John Willis
Adding a heart emoji next to the baby's name infused a delightful and whimsical touch to the gift, transforming it into a heartwarming keepsake. I enthusiastically endorse Decorate One for those in search of personalized and memorable emoji gifts, each crafted with meticulous care and precision. My nephew expressed sheer delight with their beautifully embroidered gifts, solidifying my confidence in Decorate One for future purchases.
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Sally Nicholas
Living in California, I was initially hesitant about ordering embroidered apparel online from a company based in Florida. However, Decorate One's reliable nationwide shipping made the process incredibly convenient. My embroidered company uniforms exceeded my expectations and my employees. Their commitment to quality embroidery and their easy check out process truly made the Decorate One experience exceptional.
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Randy Napoleon

We Make ProofsQualitySmiles

Before production begins, we provide sewn-out samples for approval. Our portfolio showcases clients from leading brands such as Amazon, Facebook, Sherman Williams, Nikon, and more.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, no worries! Explore our catalogs with pricing, and simply add our decorating fees to get the total.

If our website doesn’t cater to your specific customization needs, kindly inform us, and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.

Feel free to message us with any questions or requirements for which you may need additional clarity, both before and after placing an order.

Simple Embroidery

Pricing & Charges

Our embroidery pricing follows a tiered structure, offering lower costs for larger orders. Below, you can find the pricing breakdown for embroidery per location. It’s important to note that the unit quantity for decorating is charged as the total product quantity on the checkout page as one line item, plus shipping charges. The price of the product remains constant, with offering a pricing incentive for those looking to make larger quantity purchases:

 Unit Quantity In Cart Price Per Piece Decorated
 1 – 5 $15
 6 – 11 $12
 12 – 35 $9
 36 – 71 $8
 72 – 143 $7
 144 – 287 $6
 287 + $5


 Digitizing Fee Price Per Piece
 Digitizing Fee $50
 Digitizing Fee – DST File $0


 Personalization Fee Price Per Piece
 Custom Name $10

*If this configuration doesn’t suit your needs or if you require decoration in multiple locations, please contact Decorate One for a custom quote.

Here Are Some

Questions & Answers

If you don’t see your question here, please visit our FAQ’s page for additional information. Decorate One offers transparent details, emphasizing no minimum order, clear pricing, and outlining the sew-out approval and delivery timeline. They ensure precise logo customization, address inquiries about multiple decorations and different names under logos, all within a consistent pricing structure that does not include extra charges for higher stitch counts.

Decorate One embraces its name by eliminating any minimum order requirements. Whether you’re looking to embroider just one item, request a sample, or place an order for your entire company staff, we’ve got you covered. We provide this service for individual item decoration, and once you choose us as your supplier, you become part of our family.

It’s a simple and transparent process – all our products are listed with prices on our embroidery website. Just select the desired quantity, add the decorating charge per item, and proceed to checkout. Once you’ve entered your shipping address, you can choose your preferred shipping method.

Our equation: (Product Price) + (Decorating Price) + (Tax/Shipping) = (Happy Customer).

After we receive your order, the next step involves digitizing your logo file. This digitization process typically takes 3-5 business days. Digitizing (DST) is the transformation of analog information into binary code (0s and 1s) to enable storage, processing, and transmission by computers, facilitating stitching on your products. Once we obtain the DST file, we’ll generate a sew-out on sample material and provide you with an image for your approval that must be approved to move forward.

If we receive sew-out approval on the same day it is sent for approval, the estimated timeline for your order would be as follows: Decoration of your items typically takes 12-15 days, followed by a shipping duration of 2-5 days. This totals to approximately 21 days or sooner. For expedited options, we offer Premium and VIP services, reducing the decorating time to 5-7 days, potentially bringing the overall process time line down. Providing a DST file and promptly approving the sew-out can further accelerate the process. If you require even faster service, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

The size of your logo is determined by our team of professionals who strive for the best possible design outcome. Each logo is unique, and under most of our products, you can find a Decoration Spec Sheet. Clicking on this sheet will provide details about available decorating options. In cases where there isn’t a Decorating Spec Sheet, such as with our Baby Emoji Bib, the general rule is that it will be embroidered in a 4″ hoop, allowing space for the Emoji and the child’s name. It’s important to note that the machine’s dimensions must fit inside these hoops, resulting in the final embroidered piece appearing slightly smaller.

If you require decoration in multiple locations or personalized names for each of your employees or gifts, this falls under the custom category. We can send you an invoice for the customization. Additionally, if you need a single personalized name under a logo or emoji, this can be accommodated during the decorating options selection on the product page.

No, there are no additional charges for a higher stitch count. We maintain a consistent pricing structure for our decorating services regardless of the stitch count in your design.

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